Art Afro #358 – “Beach Afro” by Unicia R. Buster – July 18, 2016



“Beach Afro” by Unicia R. Buster

We went dolphin swimming on Monday in Anguilla. It was an all day excursion. We got a ride from our resort to an office of immigration (we had to show passports to cross over), where we took a boat over to Anguilla. Once there, we got a ride to the dolphin people office where they gave us a ride to where the dolphins were. We had a ball with the dolphins swimming, playing, doing tricks, taking photos, etc. I would definitely recommend it. Afterwards we went to a restaurant on the beach and were served lunch and rum punch. After lunch I went snorkeling and paddle boarding. After that we still had about an hour before we would head back to St. Maarten. This is when I made this Afro in the sand on the beach. I used some very small shells for the eyes.



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