Art Afro #302 – “Afro Cap” by Unicia R. Buster – May 23, 2016


“Afro Cap” by Unicia R. Buster

Time just keeps on ticking. I was looking forward to day 300 for a few weeks and now it has come and gone. Today’s craft is coloring white caps with fabric paint. I was mentioning to a patient’s mom that I had painted some tennis shoes over the weekend that I had intended to wear to work and use as an example. However, it is raining yet again. Didn’t want to mess up my new shoes just yet. Anyway, the parent asked (or said) I should do a hat. Of course, I’ve done a cap in the early days of Afros365 but it didn’t match the shoes and shirt I recently made. So, here’s my matching cap for my Day 300 outfit. I may alter the t-shirt tonight to make it into a nice shirt and pair it with a blazer or something. I just can’t wait to wear it!

Wore it on Thursday, May 26.



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