Art Afro #277 – “Sticker Me This Afro” by Unicia R. Buster – April 28, 2016


“Sticker Me This Afro” by Unicia R. Buster

My Afro is not directly CreativeSprint related today, however, it was inspired by Noah Scalin, a fellow CreativeSprinter, who does amazing art with stickers. This is my measly attempt at it. It definitely takes a high level of patience and pre-planning (colors, value, gradients, etc.). But then again, he’s just an awesome artist anyway. See his work here: Sticker Art of Noah Scalin.


Day 28

Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Tell them what you are doing and ask them to give you an assignment for what to make today.

At first I thought this task would be easy. I don’t call anyone, so almost anyone in my phone contacts would be a possible candidate. But then I started to overthink it. What if the person gives me something crazy to do? Is this person even creative enough to give me something artistic to do? I decided why not call an artist friend, my best friend from middle school. Well, she didn’t answer. I tried calling my cousin who’s name was next on my contacts list. She didn’t answer either. I put the phone down and decided to think about it later.

The work day was drawing near and I needed to phone someone. I scrolled through my contacts. My good friend Maria’s name came up and I immediately thought perfect. I rang her and she answered “Neicy, I am so honored.” Yes, even though I never call, my friends know me all too well. After about a minute or two of pure laughter, I got to the point of my call.

My assignment: Describe three ways to creatively use old greeting cards.

I informed her that I only had one day, which was now half a day, to do the assignment. She says to not actually do them but give her some ideas because it was personal. So here they are:

  1. Make the cards into a book. I actually have a book of old greeting cards. I used an old photo album – Saddle_Sewing504_1024x1024.jpgthe ones with the clingy plastic overlay – and inserted a card on each page. You can’t see the inside of the cards in this way so I was thinking how else can the cards be made into a book where you can see both the inside and outside of the card? Make the cards into a saddle-stitch book. I will eventually make one out of some cards I have at home in a bag and post later. But there are lots of great tutorials out there on how to make a saddle-stitch book. Here is one that I like: Saddle Stitch Binding. If the cards will end up being a really thick book then use the Coptic Stitch method: Coptic Stitch Binding or make two books (as the coptic stitch is very work intensive.
  2. Frame as artwork. I wouldn’t do every single card you have this way but select no more than 5 of your favorite cards and frame them as if they were art. If you want the inside of the card on display as well; photo copy it, arrange and glue the card and copy next to each other on a piece of poster board or cardboard, cut to fit in the frame, and hang on your wall. In this photo, the person matted three cards in a single frame. The mat holes were cut the same size and the cards were floated in that space.DSC_0095-21.jpg
  3. Decoupage. If you aren’t that attached to your cards but keep them for the image on the front, cut off the front of each card and decoupage them onto an item like a small table, canvas, wooden box, etc. There are many tutorials online for decoupaging. Here is a good very basic one for doing it on canvas How to Decoupage. (You could also still scan in the message part of the cards and keep as digital files.) In this photo, the person decoupage images on individual wooden plaques and arranged them artfully on the wall. 633bc387a77fd5d1007c7fef92ab59de

I hope this helps Maria! Thank you.


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