Art Afro #178 – “Afro Boxes” by Unicia R. Buster – January 20, 2016


“Afro Boxes” by Unicia R. Buster

On my way to hang up some artwork through the barrels of the hospital, I came across a pile of cardboard boxes on its way out to be recycled. I took the opportunity to form a quick Afro out of the them and got on a ladder (which wasn’t tall enough) to snap my photo. Unfortunately, a few people threw boxes on top of my Afro as if I wasn’t standing there on top of a step ladder taking pictures. One lady walked up with her cart, looked me in the eye, didn’t speak, and threw her box right in the middle of my creation, then walked off. I had to come off of the ladder to fix it. The nerve. There was space in the bin where the boxes are supposed to go, not the floor. She didn’t even make an attempt to put her boxes in the bin, which was full but not packed since I removed a few to make my Afro. Others, though not as rudely, did the same thing in my 6 minutes of being there. Some even went as far to comment about the mess but then added to it. However, unlike their indifference for the person who would have to pick up all of the boxes, I cleaned up my “Afro,” tossing some in the bin and stacking the rest neatly to the side of the bin. I left it neater than the way I found it. We have to be considerate of our fellow workers. We fight about mistreatment and disrespect but turn around and dish it out.


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