Art Afro #144 – “Incomplete Tesselation of Afros” by Unicia R. Buster – December 17, 2015


“Incomplete Tessellations of Afros” by Unicia R. Buster

This is a drawing I began a while back when someone I worked with informed me that I could learn how to do tessellations. I’ve always loved the work of MC Escher and had no idea that there was a science behind his style of drawing. So of course I googled it and gave it a try. Long and tedious work and after I tried making several patterns, I liked this one and decided to trace it larger. However, my piece of paper easily became tethered and wasn’t as exact. I stopped tracing and began drawing in each shape. After doing three, I stopped and hadn’t picked it back up since.

I added another lady to the drawing – the one on the left. The two toward the bottom were added December 13, 2015. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture before I added another lady. I plan to finish this drawing for a show in February here at the hospital. So, quite a few of these will be my Afros for the day.


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