Art Afro #132 – “AfroScarf” by Unicia R. Buster – December 5, 2015


“AfroScarf” by Unicia R. Buster

I rediscovered by knitting box and opened it. To my dismay, I couldn’t remember the little that I did learn about knitting. I just set and stared at the skein of yarn wondering how to proceed. It couldn’t have been that long ago since I learned the beginnings of how to knit? But it was. A year has passed. I saw a crochet hook and thought maybe I remember something about that. Turns out it was like riding a bike. I don’t know what prompted the creative juices – my son, the color of the yarn, it was late, etc. – but I just had to make a scarf that incorporated, somehow, an Afro. This is the result.

I finished it at 2AM and couldn’t wait to show my son in the morning – when I actually went to sleep and woke up. I showed him on Sunday morning and he said, “Wow, mommy. This is cool. I really like your snake.” Huh? Where do you see a snake? He informed me that the shape I’d intended for an Afro was the snake’s head, the face was the snake’s snout, the neck and body was the snake’s tongue, and the flower in her Afro was the snake’s eye.  And I guess the snake is now strangling me every time I where the scarf.

Back to the drawing board…


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