Art Afro #117 – “Burlap Angel Afro” by Unicia R. Buster – November 20, 2015


“Burlap Angel Afro” by Unicia R. Buster

As our department puts up the Christmas holiday decorations, I had to go shopping for supplies (my least favorite thing to do). I thought why not get some other shopping done while I was out. On Thursday (yay to pre-planning), I looked up some craft ideas for the holidays and come across a craft for a burlap angel ornament.


This was on Pinterest – someone was selling them. I saw another page that had a how to make them. 

I made a list to take with me on Friday. While at AC Moore, I came across a fabric necklace they’d made and had on display. I collected supplies for that as well.

Knowing that I never have time at work to make examples/samples, I took the supplies home and decided to create over the weekend and enlist the help of my 9-year-old.

Friday night we did the angels. I completely forgot to grab yarn so we didn’t put yarn on them, however, it was the perfect opportunity to make my angel into an Afro angel. And there you have it. I also thought the wings would be cuter with some glittery glam. You can still see the feathers through the ribbon wings. The halo was made with gold pipe cleaners. I purchased ribbon to embellish the burlap but I don’t think it needs it. The craft will work out great with patients and I can’t wait to do them in art group. I will still need to try one with yarn but I think they look great.


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