My Progress So Far

by Adrian Buster and Teresa Buster

by Adrian S. Buster and Teresa Buster

This project has really impacted my life in unexpected ways. Last night, my son and mom made an Afro and then my son made another one using the same material. He was very excited to show via text message. I rarely go around thinking how much I may influence someone else. I know somewhere in the recesses of my mind that everything I do affects my son and influences decisions that he make, but I don’t go around thinking about it. Doing this project reminds me of this fact. It has shown me 1.) how much my son admires his mommy, 2.) he and I have a lot in common, 3.) he thinks of me when we are apart and 4.) he is inspired by the work that I do and the art that I create. I couldn’t ask for a better joy in life than this. To know that I am his role model even if he doesn’t say it. To know that our quality time together reaches a deeper part of him not visible with the naked eye. And also, to know that all of my fussing, complaining, educating, reprimanding and overall mothering duties are not being filtered out by the world he lives in but are being absorbed and cherished in his heart. I love my son more than my own life. And I am very grateful to God for sharing him with me while here on earth. These pictures, received on my cell phone, has sparked more joy than anything I’ve done or my mother has done or my son has done this entire month.

by Adrian S. Buster

by Adrian S. Buster (Age 9)

That said, you never know in life who you may reach or touch by what you do. With social media, the reach is the entire world and you may die never knowing whose life you may have touched. I keep doing this and other projects because I am reminded of this. I know how I am moved when artwork touches my soul. I want to create things like that. This project is my baby steps towards that goal.

New artwork came in yesterday that will be hung in the hospital for Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) and I immediately fell in love with a painting the artist did of Frida Kahlo.  I immediately felt something for this painting. It spoke to me in so many ways. I already have an attachment to the subject of this piece being an admirer of her life and her artwork. But the way the artists painted her portrait moved me. It will not do that for everyone, but that isn’t the point is it?

"Frida Kahlo" by Mrosa

“Frida Kahlo” by Mrosa

It’s the little things in life. This journey of creating 365 Afros has been a wonderfully positive experience that has uplifted my spirit and allowed my creativity to flow, grow and blossom. I look forward to the joy that the remaining 299 days will bring.


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