Art Afro #55 – “Words in the Wind” by Unicia R. Buster – September 19, 2015

"Words in the Wind" by Unicia R. Buster

“Words in the Wind” by Unicia R. Buster

I am the sum of my history. All of my experiences, people I’ve met, relationships I’ve had, emotions I’ve felt and decisions I’ve made, have brought me to today.

I’ve held on to letters – not just love letters, all of them – for sentimental reasons, or so I thought. I couldn’t throw them away. Some letters I’ve read over and over and over again throughout the years, and some I’d completely forgotten.

It’s interesting to think of the notion “someone took the time.” We easily forget this. When we are going through tough times or when we are feeling lonely, we tend to think thoughts like “no one loves me,” or “I wish someone would think of me for a change.” I’ve thought these thoughts often. In the back of my mind and in my heart, I know there are people who love me, particularly my family. I know that God loves me. But for some reason, these positive affirmations get buried beneath the negativity.

But when I look at old letters, I’m reminded of how much I am loved. And it is as simple as someone took the time to think of me. They took a moment out of their busy life to reflect on me, put pen to paper and write. And they took it several steps further by folding the letter neatly, placing it in an envelope, addressing the envelope, putting a stamp on it and mailing it.

Just think about that for a moment. Time is precious to us all. We’re only given so much of it.

Of course, most of my letters are from ex-lovers and friends (some of them ex-friends). Although, I am no longer a part of some these people’s lives, at the moment they wrote me, I mattered to them. And to me, this is special. Special because during my interactions with these various people, I learned invaluable life lessons and I grew and matured from those lessons. I can’t take back anything that I have experienced with them. I can only look back and thank them for sharing those precious moments with me. For those moments make up a part of who I am today. So thank you. Thank you for thinking of me and sharing your thoughts with me.

Materials: Cut-up letters (specifically from my aunt Juanita, ex-lover Fernando, ex-lover Michael, ex-friend Stephanie and a former patient), construction paper, printed photo, glue stick and ink pen.


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