Art Afro #50 – “My Afro Quilled” by Unicia R. Buster – September 14, 2015

"My Afro Quilled" by Unicia R. Buster

“My Afro Quilled” by Unicia R. Buster

I’ve been going through some things at work, mainly because I haven’t gone shopping for new craft supplies. And I came across the quilling set. So of course, it became one of today’s project. I did it with a few pediatric patients. And, as always, I ended up doing an Afro as I was showing kids how to create each coiled paper. For those children too young to do quilling, we did stamping.

If  you’ve never heard of quilling, google it. It’s addictive and a lot of fun and people have done some amazing art with quilling.

Quilled paper on a greeting card, stamp ink. (Paper, glue, ink)

On another note, I can’t believe it’s been 50 days already. Wow! When I started this project, I thought I would start slacking or become unmotivated again but it hasn’t happened yet. I thank God for this new found motivation and creative splurge. I’m really enjoying it and I’m still looking at tons of ways to create more and use materials that I would not have thought of before – all in order to get my Afro done. 🙂 It pushes me to think outside the box.


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